EUROPE-the continent of contrasts!!!!


Yesterday (May 12) we all could see the final of Eurovision 2007. It was held in Helsinki, Finland. The results were not pleasant for us… Serduchka was supposed to win the contest and Kiev to be the next city of Eurovision 2008. The good thing is that she took a second place right after Serbian group. The audience was impressed by her performance and costumes. You even can’t imagine how angry I was when Serbian singer(she looked like a man”weired”) scored more points than we did. To me, it was very naive and song seemed BORING even it had some deep sense. Anyways, Europe really liked Serduchka and understood her humour. That’s increadible!!!!I hope that second place is just the beginning on the way of world’ conquest.


~ by vitaliysedyuk on May 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “EUROPE-the continent of contrasts!!!!”

  1. Hi;)I agree completely whith your opinion. Serdiychka was the best!!!!!!!She deserved to be 1st. OOPS, I forgot, & her mother tooooo!!!!!
    What do u think about Russia?

  2. Russia was not really prepared, I guess!But in general, it was engaging to see young girls who just started to sing not long ago…….

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