Eurovision 2007:fame or lack of understanding?

This year Eurovision, the most popular song contest in Europe, will be held in Helsinki, Finland. But critics have called this contest to be the most controversial ever known. The surprise is that there will be three men who perform great shows but being dressed in women’ costumes. Among them is our singer Andriy Danylko, better known as Verka Serduchka! She will sing some crazy and hilariuos song, which sounds like “Danzing”(Dansing). Well, it is so funny and seems inappropriate. There are some confusions in this song which make some countries guess what that words are supposed to mean. Anyways, she’s very popular in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, whatever… Personally, I was a bit shocked when got to know who would go on Eurovison from Ukraine this year.

But the parodox is that “Danzing” leaves nobody indifferent. People either hate it or love!!!Moreover, Verka S. is used for setting fire. Her crazy songs make people dance and laugh. She speaks silly, combining Russian and Ukrainian languages at the same time. But that is what made her very famous in the post-soviet countries. Some fans just admire her.

To me, she deserves our attention but sometimes it can be more than enough. As for Song Contest, Europeans are just tired to see such cute songs as:”I’m not a girl….The world is amazing…..I want to save my Earth…, etc.”I think they need to see SHOW and performance, first of all.

Therefore, I checked out some sites where people left some comments on the forums towards her participation. I can’t help mentioning the words of one foreigner:”If it is so funny in the country as Verka sings, I will definetely spend my summer holidays in Ukraine.” The world is changing every time… Probably, this song is going to win!Just you need to recall the practice of last Eurovision when rock group Lordi, in the costumes that might scare children, got a certain victory. I can only imagine what surprises it will present us this year. Take care!


~ by vitaliysedyuk on April 29, 2007.

One Response to “Eurovision 2007:fame or lack of understanding?”

  1. Thanks for cluing me in on the cultural phenomenon. I have to admit I never heard of her or him or whomever. Must be funny to confuse the Russian and Ukrainian too. I’ll have to check this out, but not sure I’ll be able to once in the U.S. Keep me posted, okay?

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