Does Ukraine have one more Chance?

Usually people do not like to discuss policy but our country seems to come back to revolutionary movement. You could listen to hot news on Saturday and see in live what happens on both squares. I remember I was making stroll on Friday and saw orange and white-red flags. Even though I supported orange side on the President election, I though it would be silly to go out and defence your rights again. I truly believed in vital changes of lives of Ukrainian citizens, regarding it was one more turning-point. The mood of peaceful protest on behalf of freedom, love, and brotherhood was like the ideal of activist existence. I never would have expected it, could hardly believe it, and just wanted to share it with any of you that I could. I was never so impressed by Ukrainians as I was in those months. But life presented its feedbacks, however, opposite to what we wished.
Now, opposition tries to dismiss the Parliament and set new elections either of President or Prime minister. This time I’m not going to go on Maidan and support Ulia, even though I like her as a strong leader very much. Maybe my moods will be changed but now I’m behind this events. But I was really wondered to see so many people came to protest unjustice that Friday. Ulia Tymoshenko seemed to possess trust of millions. Political figures stated that few people would come because of their disappointment but happened on the contrary.
I want, beside all, Ukraine to be the flourishing country and take the right place in this globe. Aslo I don’t wanna talented people to move abroad. Basically I have friends who still think and who have decided… But I know for sure, most of us are tired of any political trials!


~ by vitaliysedyuk on April 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Does Ukraine have one more Chance?”

  1. Thanks for your thoughts on the current political situation. I can tell something is about to happen and hopefully peacefully like the Orange Revolution of several years ago. Please keep us all informed by your posts and what you observe, it will be interesting for you to look back on this blog years later to see what you were thinking at this critical time. Good job!

  2. People are tired, politicians – not. They cannot loose their chance. I think that it’s not a great deal just to go and vote, BUT there is a deal if the acts of President are illegetimatte. Then tere will be more trials, more strikes, mitings, and God save us, even fightings and blood.

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