The Widows’ Coming to WIUU

Recently four widows attented our university just to share their personal stories of World War II and Holodomor. We, students were split into different groups with similar purposes. I came to group with Anna, the veteran of the war.

She willingly told numerous stories that straightly concerned her life. Anna didn’t have her own apartment because it was taken away from her family. In the childhood she survived by begging to eat something and spend a night somewhere. Then when Anna became adult she started to work as a nurse to help soldiers and wounded people.

Every new story recalled her feelings and began to cry. Of course, we understood her and tried to support as much as we could. That time I realized how happy we are without knowing how it was to live during bombs and explosions…

The government and local authorities should make certain that veterans enjay a peaceful future. I don’t think old people need money as much as they want to see successful lives of their children. They still pray for them and thank God for being alive. Really nice meeting!!I would like to thank Ms. Gray for inviting them and supporting with fruits!


~ by vitaliysedyuk on March 26, 2007.

One Response to “The Widows’ Coming to WIUU”

  1. Good work on reporting the reality for this older woman named Anna. She probably never experienced any carefree moments that we are so accustomed to in this era of peace and take for granted. Interesting that you should note that older people don’t need money but instead they want to see their younger generation succeed. Did Anna say that herself or do you know that from your own grandparents? I DO believe the older generation should be recognized for their bravery in the face of great evil. (We are facing the same kind of evil but it is more insidious. It lurks in the form of cheap entertainment that promotes safe sex, pornography, drugs, etc. The battle rages all around us, the worst part is that we seem blind to it.) Sorry I got carried away there. Anna went through a lot and has succeeded in being a survivor. Many she knew and loved did not live to tell their stories, so I think older people crave not money as much as being listened to.

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