Do nightclubs Harm youth…?

This blog I would like to devote to people who like clubbing and active, extreme way of life. It’s become more popular and engaging to spend your weekend in one of Kiev’s night clubs for the sake of pleasure and relaxation. My mum always argues with me about what I found valuable over there, whatever. It’s not like I go there too often but several times in two weeks could be possible. I feel relaxed when listen to the club music, however, sometime it cab be tiresome…

Today adult people espacially our parents don’t understand our way of spending free time regarding night clubs to be the places of mind’s damage. It sounds ridicolous but it has some meaning at some extent. So, readers and viewers of my blog, can you leave your comments concerning pros and cons of clubbing. It can be useful for young people who still wonder!


~ by vitaliysedyuk on March 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Do nightclubs Harm youth…?”

  1. Yes, youth is here to comment you. Hi!
    I am a different kind of people who are relaxed and have fun not by clubbing , but some other ways. It doesn’t meen I’m old fashioned or something like that, just don’t like it. My mother says me: “Why don’t you want to go out to club? You’re different, it\s strange – are you taking drugs?”
    Of course, she isn’t serious:)
    To my mind – club life is harmfull for youth and you know why…
    I can go to the clubs sometimes, but that times are very rare.

  2. I’d be very curious what the four widows who visited our class today would say about clubbing. When they were your age, that was something they could not even dream about. They were just trying to eat or survive or trying not to get killed by the Nazis. So, my guess is that your lifestyle is the exact opposite from what these ladies experienced. I believe they would agree with your Mom but I think they would be very gentle and patient and kind towards your way of thinking. I’d be curious about your impressions of the one lady you interviewed today. Anna went through a LOT of pain losing her son several years ago. I suppose your mother is concerned about something tragic happening to you when you are out late at night. Those are my “adult’ thoughts on your blog. Good that you posted this.

  3. Two years ago I went clubbing every single Friday and Sunday, I couldn’t imagine my weekend without partying. But one day I woke and I realized that it’s all BIG waste of time. Think about it, if you leave any club lets say at 1 a.m. and then come back in couple of hours everything is the same as before you left. Nothing changes in clubs over years, maybe couple of new songs comes out and that’s it. I think clubbing IS A HUGE WASTE of time. You don’t learn anything there, just wake up the next day in the evening with headache. I think going to clubs sometimes just to dance its fine, but not every single weekend.

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