Heroes for Today

The article that was included in Reader’s Digest attracted my attention and I decided to make a summary and perform its tidbits. The title of it is “Dad’s Job,” which sounds pretty engaging. As you can guess the article points out the relationships between father, the basket-ball player and his son who is continuing his deed. Basically, it’s typical situation but anyway let’s dig out deeper…
The popular father, James Tailor helped his son, Marcus, stay true to his game and to himself, avoiding the pitfalls so many athletes faced. By age 14, Marcus was a celebrity around Lansing, Mich., the place where he lived and had grown up as the article mentioned.He played great and was invited to assemble a team in Las Vegas to be one of the star players. But the addictive offers of fame and travel, which everyone else seemed to embrace, were declined. His father didn’t want his son to drop education and other important things he just started to see. Marcus trusted his father and valued his recommendations: “The two most important things for Marcus are his education and the development of his game,” said James. “Life is like coming up stairs, and you don’t want to skip a step.”

Well, I think they made right decision despite his father was the former basket-ball leader. Maybe James Tailor insisted on Marcus’s education because of probable mistake that he did in his young age. Many sportsmen drop everything just to catch the fame and become a star with well-paid salary and fee. But they cannot be ascertained if one day they broke a leg or anything and still be paid a lot of money. In other case, they just would have to leave a team because of injury. The problem is that many sportsmen don’t have diploma or other skills except playing the game to make money to feed up themselves. When the time comes to set up a new page in their lives after the career in sports most people face challenges.

Tailor Marcus, “Dad’s Job.” Reader’s Digest, February 2000, pp.13-15


~ by vitaliysedyuk on March 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Heroes for Today”

  1. Good work! This seems a very inspirational story about a father/son relationship and the son making the right choices about education. That’s true that many athletes neglect the one thing that will prolong their life and earning potential. Once their physical body gives out, they have nothing left but memories! Make sure that when you do MLA citation that you put the last name first, okay?

  2. This is a comment to YOUR comment to Kusto:

    You express yourself well Vitaliy about wanting people to WANT to live in Kyiv and it seems that many people do live in Kyiv. Witness all the high rise apartments that keep going up in the skyline!!! Anyway, it would be better to keep the talent here in Ukraine rather than everyone leaving for another country. I agree with you!!!

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