Pilots of the Soviet Union: Treats, Allies, Or Forgotten Memories?

Recently I was given the article, which is “Pilots of the Soviet Union: Treats, Allies, or Forgotten Memories?” It was included in Aerospace Power Journal. I would like to make summary-reaction concerning the material of this paper which seems to be provocative.
To begin with, I’d like to point out that the article examines the possible threat that Ukrainian fighter pilots and former Soviet Union combat aviators might pose for the United States. Also there’re some facts about economic situation of Ukrainian pilots, mentality, whatever. But it is on the third and further pages. I was asked to investigate only first two ones.
It starts out with showing the hard work of being a fighter pilot. Really, I read the first paragraph and was wondered how people could accept such job and sacrifice own lives. Also the author emphasized on watchfulness. As you never know where you enemy is: “You look at him sideways and wonder how he could be shooting him from there. You watch in amazement as the missile guides and start praying that your aircraft will survive and that you won’t be the next face on Cable News Network!”
Then, the thoughts of the author, the former pilot of the USA, seemed painful to me. He was going to examine one Ukrainian fighter pilot in order to get to know the psychology of the rest Soviet aviators. Even though he knew that Ukraine was peaceful nation and did a lot to keep the peace, the man liked the idea: “Know the enemy and know thyself.” I continued summarizing the article because I needed for English Composition. If not, I would stop reading it at all!
The author kept telling about his experience of living in Russia, the languages he studied and so on. His work was dedicated to help him understand FSU pilots and the potential threat they posed. Basically, I didn’t find this article worth reading and instructive!

Watt, Christian “Chewy”, “Pilots of the Soviet Union: Threats, Allies, or Forgotten Memories?” Aerospace Power Journal, Spring 2001, pp.89-98


~ by vitaliysedyuk on March 14, 2007.

One Response to “Pilots of the Soviet Union: Treats, Allies, Or Forgotten Memories?”

  1. Now you’ve got me curious about what you summarized and reacted to. I think that this American author had no way of knowing that while we live in a globalized world where many different languages and cultures read journal articles, we must be circumspect and diplomatic about what we write. You raise a very interesting point in what you wrote that you did not appreciate what the author wrote and only because it was an assignment did you pursue it. I commend you. Yes, I’ll have to read this article through your eyes to see where the author may have errored.

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