Restless and Fearless

The “Reader’s Digest”, the journal which was given to me on English Composition included a lot of amazing articles. It was published in June 2001 and I suspect that it was American production. So I looked through it several times until found one story that caught my eye. That article was “Quiet, Dark & Very Scary,” which is on pages 105-111.
The story of one courageous man who had his favorite but scary deed. He, Wes Skiles, worked as underwater explorer with having experience of more than 3000 descents into water-filled caverns. So as you understood the activity was supposed to be cave diving. That was amazing for him to discover new caves, unknown holes, whatever. But the reverse of the medal was uncertainty of self-security: “In cave diving, there are no mistakes—only mortalities. Wes Skiles doesn’t care.” Can you imagine how intrepid he was to take this activity. Of course, Wes Skiles had some fears in the beginning but then every new plunging in 60 feet down and more into a web of underwater caves made him tempered. He said that his hobby was like “extreme chess” where you had to think logically beforehand. The man stated that you had to possess two things in the water: the life support and backup gear-tanks, regulators, lights, etc. But Wes Skiles emphasized on the idea: “The one piece of equipment that cannot fail is your brain.” Many times it helped him to survive. He mentioned some dangerous stories of diving into deep waters with very extreme consequences. The man even wondered how he was still alive. But after a short period of time he plunged again into the water to face new challenges and impressions. Cool and weird!
I have deep respect to such people who don’t afraid to see own fear trying to suppress it at all. The only one pill is to establish new slat with huge desire to get it over.

Bill Breen, “Quiet, Dark & Very Scary.” Reader’s Digest, June 2001, pp.105-111


~ by vitaliysedyuk on March 6, 2007.

One Response to “Restless and Fearless”

  1. Good summary of this article, I myself am not interested in swimming or even deep sea diving but I too have a high respect for those who venture into the unknown. It is kind of like those who go into outer space, real pioneers!

    Make sure that at the end of this summary you put the citation in MLA format, look at other students’ posts and you will see what I mean. You can edit this post by going under “Dashboard” and then “Manage” and then “Edit” okay?

    Good work!

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