Biathlon vs Business

I just thought to share my feeling with you, blog readers and students of WIUU. Most of my friends know me as a great fan of biathlon, winter sports in particular. My life is close to sports and anything that looks like that. I used to go in for different activities but most of them didn’t suit me. Two years ago I started watching the CM from biathlon and Olympic Games as well. I was amazed by the atmosphere of this winter sport and imagined how it would be for me to stand on their place. For those people who have unclear imagination of this activity, I would like to mention that it’s skiing plus shooting. Every sportsman ought to show good results at both ways. It’s like being right sniper and perfect skier…
This year I was engaged in it and still observe all news around this sport. I watch all CMs in live and try not to miss any race. The school is often the reason I do that. I support our team as much as I can. But the problem is that I want to take the courses of biathlon and think how it would be great to take part in the competitions. I’m willing to do that and have HUGE desire to make it true. But the price of it is missing classes and later on it can be leaving the university in case of good results’ showing. I know it sounds silly to choose this way studying business but I don’t know what to do and how to manage it. Maybe I would combine two deeds successfully..?
Anyway I hope for your advice and maybe some hints…
My favorite sportswoman is Oksana Khvostenko, the Ukrainian winner of World Cup in Pokhluka. Olle Einer Bjoerndalen is great sportsman. He’s from Norway and he already won more than six medals at Olympic Games.


~ by vitaliysedyuk on March 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Biathlon vs Business”

  1. Always in life there are tough choices to make and you have made a good one by sticking with education, no one can take what you learn away from you. Of course, being in good shape is always good too and to have two very different skills like skiing and shooting is very comprehensive in using ALL your body. I would imagine that the Norwegians are very good at this biathalon sport, right? Good work on bloggins this, you expressed your feelings very well!

  2. Norway as well as Germany and Russia are the countries of great importance. There’re many cool sportsmen from there. Ukraine has huge potential but our authorities pay not enough attention to them!

  3. I think you have to remember just one thing-There is nothing impossible! If you have a really strong desire to go in for sports and get good education at the same time, you will succeed! Unfortunately, I do not have any information about biathlon sportsmen, but I can say with certainty that many famous and successful sportsmen were able to get an education although they had to train a lot! It is not easy, but possible.

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