Alexandre V. Pavlov – the Man of Experience

The story of one more famous aviator but now it’s close to our days. The matter is that I like to search and investigate people of honour from different countries and years. So you can see some info about this courageous man in here.

“Sasha” Pavlov is the son of a test pilot. After graduating from secondary school in 1986, he joined the Kharkov Higher Military Aviation School for Fighter Pilots. He graduated with honors in 1990, receiving his Pilot-Engineer diploma.

Sasha served as a fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force until 1992, when he left the military to enroll in the Ministry of Aviation Industry Test Pilot School. Upon graduation, he was assigned to his present position as an experimental test pilot at the Gromov Flight Research Institute.

His total flight experience includes more than 2500 flight hours (the article mentions the number of 4000 flights) in more than 20 types and modifications of aircraft. He often performs in flight demonstrations. When Sasha is not flying, he enjoys spending his time mountain skiing.

The URL of the article: Also there’s a list of other test pilots in brief with pics included.


~ by vitaliysedyuk on March 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “Alexandre V. Pavlov – the Man of Experience”

  1. Aftwer reading so much about so many different aviators in 1930’s it seems like they were flyinh for a record. So many records were borken that time, and there were so many famous and great aviators.
    Too bad that so many of them died by living their dreams…

  2. Nice research and summery, I like it! 😉

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