Discovering the Nicety of Art…

Basically I don’t feel the sympathy to arts and looking on pictures is usually not my favorite deed. But I’ve been to one place which impressed most of my acquaintances and I am not the exception. Not long ago my friends and me visited the new gallery named as “Pinchyk Art Centre”, which is situated in Arena City. Probably, a lot of people have heard about it and hopefully visited. That was my second time of being there! Sounds a bit chill…
For more than half of the year the painters and other people of art showed two main exhibitions with their marvelous works presented. I don’t remember the name of the first one but can recall the second: “US Generation.” I was a bit wondered why the name spelled like this but then was told that eight Ukrainian and the same quantity of American masters worked on it. Ok, let me portrait something from the second exhibition.
I saw many modern pictures and photos but they are a bit strange. Anyway it seemed to me. For example, you can see running people, naked bodies, abstractions and so on. But I noticed that most pics included pessimism and grey routine of our days. It’s like kissing, having physical contact became common thing and people forgot about real feelings. Also there is some video stuff with different meanings. This time I saw the short movie about the one woman who lived in the street and who spent all hey money to feed up homeless dogs. She dreamed about moving to America and imagined how it would be for her to walk around and help people in need over there. She considered that everywhere were poor guys who needed care even though this woman didn’t have her own apartment.
But there was one showing which impressed me at some extent. That was sand and the bombs laying on it. The bombs looked like big machines with sticks around. The ticking of them was heard everywhere. I mean the room was filled with the noisy sound which predicted one thing…It seemed to be a clock with time going, which announced something dangerous. I suppose that it was a warning caused by human’s activities. It concerned dirty environment, global warming, and actually our way of live. It was worth seeing, I guess.
I recommend all people who haven’t been to this gallery just to do that. Moreover, the entrance is free. I think it will be open till the end of this month. Take care!


~ by vitaliysedyuk on March 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Discovering the Nicety of Art…”

  1. Seems interesting, I like art but this display may a bit too avant garde for my tastes. Where is this located in Kyiv, I am glad that it is free and thanks for posting this announcement about here for others to maybe be curious enough to go to it as well.

    Now, have you read your Readers Digest article yet, or looked at the Scavenger Hunt and maybe found another Ukrainian or Soviet pilot to write about? Time is ticking, just like in that one video you saw. 8)

  2. That is in the center of the town, Bessarabka. You can see big yellow bulding named as Arena City. So there’s Pinchyk Art Centre in it.

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