The Golden movies of the Past

We often listen to what our parents state that old movies are inseparable part of film industry at all. They still think that new ones are poor of real relations and the actors don’t give the sense of the picture to the viewer. But also suspect them dull and forbid too often to watch them regarding that we have to be taught by old masterpieces.
To me, I cannot either agree or disagree. I have seen a lot of old movies and must admit that it was worth seeing, espacially those, which were created in the Soviet times. To give something valuable from them is a bit naive as there’s a huge difference between present and past.
Speaking about English movies, I’ll tell you about my favorite one, which is obviously “Gone with the Wind” . The story of love and war conqured the hearst of millions and I believe that new generation will check it up with great interest. “Gone with the Wind” premiered in Atlanta in 1939. I read the book and watched movie to boot. Its staggering plot admired me not to forget about love despite challenges to be arisen…
Among other movies of 1930-s, I found it interesting to recall the ”My Man Godfrey”. This movie told the story of a man who lost his entire fortune in the 1929 stock market crash. To make a living, he became a butler for a rich family, and he ended up saving the family. People after watching this film and many other that looked like that were fascinated by the glamorous lives of the men and women starred in them. Also it was clearly described the position of high society and rural life.
If to compare the movies of past and those which we watch now, I noticed the one thing. In the past producers paid attention more to real love showing that make us weep for that. Now, having special effects, film-makers make the accent on actions rather on feelings. Anyway, what’s going to wait us in future…?


~ by vitaliysedyuk on February 21, 2007.

One Response to “The Golden movies of the Past”

  1. Hey I love “Gone with the Wind” i saw it 100 times and never got sick of it. Cya

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