My Favorite Movie

For the first time I saw this assignment, I had the intention to put some words about Ukrainian films, espacially those who keep historical matters. But then decided to describe one American comedy, which you obviously have watched already, anyways I think so. That movie is supposed to be one of the biggest and funniest. The “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, the most strange but awesome story I’ve ever seen.     It’s not like instructive, indeed, ridiculous at some extent. Moreover, it’s quite common and bears the same issues. But what caught my eye is probably Bridget’s life spirits. Basically, I prefare to watch comedis rather than actions or hits. It can be explained by my unwillingness to see war fights, blood stream, killing people, whatever. That’s why I try to avoid buying them at all, even though most of my friends don’t share my opinion about this stuff.

   Let’s come back to film that I’m going to describe a little bit. That hilarious comedy showed us the life of one English woman over thirty and with all her ambitious actions. The plot is clear, sounds like ordinary one. On New Year’s day, hung over and still single, Bridget Jones decides to get a grip on her life and start a diary.  She was going to loose enough pounds and find a nice sensible boyfriend and not to continue to form romantic attachment to peeping-toms or pervets. The problem seemed banal but over time she faced numerous adventures… You know what happens to such crazy, in good sense, girls. Bridget met two guys, one of them is her boss anyway. So the story goes around their competition for her heart and the right to be calles as Jones’s sweetheart.

   All in all, it’s funny and not boring. If you havent’ seen it yet, I recommend you to do that. You won’t be disappointed. Actually, I like seeing movies with deep sense but when I’m in bad mood, I try to cheer me up by well-known method like this.



~ by vitaliysedyuk on February 20, 2007.

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