EUROPE-the continent of contrasts!!!!

•May 13, 2007 • 2 Comments


Yesterday (May 12) we all could see the final of Eurovision 2007. It was held in Helsinki, Finland. The results were not pleasant for us… Serduchka was supposed to win the contest and Kiev to be the next city of Eurovision 2008. The good thing is that she took a second place right after Serbian group. The audience was impressed by her performance and costumes. You even can’t imagine how angry I was when Serbian singer(she looked like a man”weired”) scored more points than we did. To me, it was very naive and song seemed BORING even it had some deep sense. Anyways, Europe really liked Serduchka and understood her humour. That’s increadible!!!!I hope that second place is just the beginning on the way of world’ conquest.


Ukraine-Poland, host Euro 2012! Hurray!!!

•April 29, 2007 • 1 Comment

Football, which Americans are used to calling soccer, is spreading out so quickly that we even cannot follow its scale of getting popularity among people of different age. But what happened this month, could hardly anyone suspect. Italy was surely expected to win the Uefa vote in Cardiff. But the right of host countries got Poland and Ukraine. Well, I was so proud of my country for many reasons.
According to Uefa sources, Poland and Ukraine won in the first round of voting with eight of the 12 votes while four went to Italy and none to Croatia and Hungary. Uefa president Michel Platini said: “Poland and Ukraine are surely a worthy winner. However, there are no losers today, rather only bids that have not won this time round.”(BBS SPORT/Football) 1
It is unusual opportunity for both countries to improve their infrastructure. Lots of investments are coming which are really essential since Poland entered EU and Ukraine since got the course of being a member of this organization. The hotel business in Ukraine should be raised through opening new five-and-four-star hotels with better service compared to what we have now. The roads also must correspond to European standards. In short, it is a big chance and Ukraine should keep in mind the bunch of benefits that it might receive being a host country.
Games will be played in four Ukrainian cities (Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kiev and Lviv) and four Polish venues (Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw).
It’s good to see that countries that aren’t the most wealthy or most talked about in football have been given the opportunity to host one of football’s biggest competitions. You can see the URL below for further info about this huge event!


Eurovision 2007:fame or lack of understanding?

•April 29, 2007 • 1 Comment

This year Eurovision, the most popular song contest in Europe, will be held in Helsinki, Finland. But critics have called this contest to be the most controversial ever known. The surprise is that there will be three men who perform great shows but being dressed in women’ costumes. Among them is our singer Andriy Danylko, better known as Verka Serduchka! She will sing some crazy and hilariuos song, which sounds like “Danzing”(Dansing). Well, it is so funny and seems inappropriate. There are some confusions in this song which make some countries guess what that words are supposed to mean. Anyways, she’s very popular in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, whatever… Personally, I was a bit shocked when got to know who would go on Eurovison from Ukraine this year.

But the parodox is that “Danzing” leaves nobody indifferent. People either hate it or love!!!Moreover, Verka S. is used for setting fire. Her crazy songs make people dance and laugh. She speaks silly, combining Russian and Ukrainian languages at the same time. But that is what made her very famous in the post-soviet countries. Some fans just admire her.

To me, she deserves our attention but sometimes it can be more than enough. As for Song Contest, Europeans are just tired to see such cute songs as:”I’m not a girl….The world is amazing…..I want to save my Earth…, etc.”I think they need to see SHOW and performance, first of all.

Therefore, I checked out some sites where people left some comments on the forums towards her participation. I can’t help mentioning the words of one foreigner:”If it is so funny in the country as Verka sings, I will definetely spend my summer holidays in Ukraine.” The world is changing every time… Probably, this song is going to win!Just you need to recall the practice of last Eurovision when rock group Lordi, in the costumes that might scare children, got a certain victory. I can only imagine what surprises it will present us this year. Take care!

Deeper into research…

•April 10, 2007 • 1 Comment

At the time I’m working at my second research paper which covers the issue of the movies of the 30’s. The problem is that deadlines are going to be soon and I have to present some slides in addition. Also, to get the research more attractive I described the main features of the soviet films and foreign to boot. The possible title would sound like “The Development of the Film Industry in the 1930-s.” I’m trying to enlighten the problem of “free word” and democracy. It’s like what was forbidden to show and watch in the soviet times. To get this, I will use some quotes from the interview of my granny who willingly helped me again in my work.  Some part of my research is devided to Jewish people and their life. I was given one valuable article concerning Jewish themes in Stalinist films. So, I’m going to use and enclose some sharp information that straightly appeals to reseach . Anyways, I think I will have my paper done till this weekend and hopefully slides in two days. Just a bit patience and curiosity…The remuneration will be a weekend in the countryside and seeing friends))))

Does Ukraine have one more Chance?

•April 2, 2007 • 2 Comments

Usually people do not like to discuss policy but our country seems to come back to revolutionary movement. You could listen to hot news on Saturday and see in live what happens on both squares. I remember I was making stroll on Friday and saw orange and white-red flags. Even though I supported orange side on the President election, I though it would be silly to go out and defence your rights again. I truly believed in vital changes of lives of Ukrainian citizens, regarding it was one more turning-point. The mood of peaceful protest on behalf of freedom, love, and brotherhood was like the ideal of activist existence. I never would have expected it, could hardly believe it, and just wanted to share it with any of you that I could. I was never so impressed by Ukrainians as I was in those months. But life presented its feedbacks, however, opposite to what we wished.
Now, opposition tries to dismiss the Parliament and set new elections either of President or Prime minister. This time I’m not going to go on Maidan and support Ulia, even though I like her as a strong leader very much. Maybe my moods will be changed but now I’m behind this events. But I was really wondered to see so many people came to protest unjustice that Friday. Ulia Tymoshenko seemed to possess trust of millions. Political figures stated that few people would come because of their disappointment but happened on the contrary.
I want, beside all, Ukraine to be the flourishing country and take the right place in this globe. Aslo I don’t wanna talented people to move abroad. Basically I have friends who still think and who have decided… But I know for sure, most of us are tired of any political trials!

At last I visited British Council!

•March 27, 2007 • 2 Comments

A few days ago I found a time to visit one of the best English libraries in Kiev, which is British Council. I used to go there when was studying at school but then my card became out of date and I had to prolong it. The reason why I came there was to look up some stuff for my research paper which covers the topic of the movies of the 30’s.
I was given some articles and books that had a connection to my theme. After checking up them fully, I found some valuable material and was going to use it for my research. But I’ve got a question to you Mrs. Gray. Should I describe the Soviet movies or English, American, whatever…?
Basically, I had a talk with my granny, the person I’m going to interview again, and she told me that I chose the period that straightly concerned war and starvation. But to me, there were some other good points except tragic events. For example, Love and Friendship!! Anyway, I’m working on it and hope to get it finished soon.

The Widows’ Coming to WIUU

•March 26, 2007 • 1 Comment

Recently four widows attented our university just to share their personal stories of World War II and Holodomor. We, students were split into different groups with similar purposes. I came to group with Anna, the veteran of the war.

She willingly told numerous stories that straightly concerned her life. Anna didn’t have her own apartment because it was taken away from her family. In the childhood she survived by begging to eat something and spend a night somewhere. Then when Anna became adult she started to work as a nurse to help soldiers and wounded people.

Every new story recalled her feelings and began to cry. Of course, we understood her and tried to support as much as we could. That time I realized how happy we are without knowing how it was to live during bombs and explosions…

The government and local authorities should make certain that veterans enjay a peaceful future. I don’t think old people need money as much as they want to see successful lives of their children. They still pray for them and thank God for being alive. Really nice meeting!!I would like to thank Ms. Gray for inviting them and supporting with fruits!